15 women tell us their real cost of being a bridesmaid.

15 women tell us their real cost of being a bridesmaid.

‘I hosted the hen party in my home.’

Easily $2,500 – we were all expected to chip in for the bridal shower and I’d hosted the hen’s party in my home. When I got married, I had no hen’s party, just a bridal shower high tea I paid for, and the bridesmaids were asked to buy a dress of their choosing. We paid for everything else because I know how ridiculous it can get.”

‘$1,800 so far…’

“I’m currently a bridesmaid for my best friend (getting married next month) and have spent about $1,800 all up, including on the bridal shower, flights and accommodation for the wedding and the shoes. She’s paid for the dress, hair and makeup for the day.”

‘I’m broke.’

For context: COVID made a bit of a nightmare out of it all, but my friend is having a multiple day Western and Indian wedding. It’s $1,000 for the flights to New Zealand, plus $800 for accommodation, $800 for the hen’s day, covering mine and the bride’s cost, and some food and drinks for the group. Then it’s $700 for the dresses and tailoring, $250 for the shoes, $300 for the coat to wear over the bridesmaid dress, $50 for transport to and from event, and a $500 gift for the couple. The bride is covering one of three dresses, hair and makeup, and transport for one event. All up, it’s costing $4,400. I’m broke.”

‘Don’t underestimate the gift bags.’

I paid around $1,400 to be maid of honor. That’s including dress, shoes, nails, (hair and makeup was covered by the bride), and the hens weekend which included decorations, extra alcohol, snack foods, gift bags, etc. The others paid for their own meal, share of accommodation activities and some shouts of drinks.”

‘A very expensive exercise.’

“I was a bridesmaid for a high school friend in 2020 and spent almost $1,000 – I was shocked at how expensive it was! Then I was recently the maid of honor for my sister and probably spent $800, but as it was my sister and I didn’t mind so much. Either way, a very expensive exercise.”

How much did it cost you to be a bridesmaid? Tell us in the comments.

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