Late for Work 8/10: Ravens Named Most Likely Landing Spot for Roquan Smith –

Late for Work 8/10: Ravens Named Most Likely Landing Spot for Roquan Smith -

Steve Bisciotti Talks Relationship With Players, Injury-Riddled 2021 Season and More

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti did an interview with Sirius XM Radio at training camp yesterday. Here are some highlights:

His relationship with players: “I think it’s a nice point that if you’re here too much, you can kind of alienate your players, and if you’re here too little, then you don’t give them a chance to be comfortable around you. So I’m fine. of instinct want them to know who I am, want them to know that I care about them… I go to the locker room before the game I never go after the game because I never want to see them in a heightened state of emotion . and having to deal with that before the owner.”

The Ravens’ injury-riddled 2021 season: “I’m a little shocked by the injuries last year. I sand sidewalks out there so nobody trips and falls on the road. I’ve looked at the stats over the years and you see it ebb and flow. … If we moved to a new facility, if we would have gone to artificial turf… everything was the same. everything we do here is the same, it’s the same coaching staff, so nothing has changed except this nonsense. I think they did a study and put a scoring system … if you lose a Pro Bowler it’s five points, a starter four points and a backup three points, and we’ve been No. 1 for the last 20 years, 648 instances. It was really bad. You look at that. and that team should finish 4-13, not 8-9. And we lost two of them because we chose to go for a two-point conversion at the end against the Packers and Steelers, and so it very easily could have been 10-7.”

His role in the drafting process: “I’m getting Eric’s board [DeCosta] very early, and I know it’s preliminary, and I like to start studying players, but I’m not qualified to look at like the top 30 players because the nuances are different. What I like to see is when I have six fourth-round draft picks and I know that standard deviation says that between 110 and 141 we’re going to get kids from 70 to 100 all the way down at 141. So that’s what I then focused three months on ; studying those players, those Isaiah Likelys and Charlie Kolars and those fourth-round picks.”

Ravens’ emphasis on special teams: “You appreciate John [Harbaugh] because of what he did. I think we’ve probably in the 15 years he’s been here, we’ve got to be in the top six in special teams, so I want him to be proud of that third rail. It makes and breaks games, what makes or breaks playoff appearances. I’m always aware of it when my pet corner is forced onto the practice squad because that corner of [Harbaugh’s] plays better special teams. And I’m reminded every year that when it comes to those last spots, you better be a standout on special teams. And it makes me mad that we’re going to put a guy… he’s not going to make the practice squad. Someone else is going to claim him and it’s like, damn, I knew this was going to be good. And John didn’t have it because he doesn’t play strong special teams. John has always told me and said it a million times to other reporters that if a young guy is great on special teams he almost always becomes a great player. And the Zach Orrs and Albert McClellans, the ones who didn’t play right away, were the ones who just lit up special teams, and so it proved true. It still doesn’t help on cut day for me.”

Using analysis: “I love analytics and statistics. I also trust the eyes of my scouts and the eyes of my coaches. But to not know things that we didn’t know years ago … I mean, you look at a team like Pittsburgh that just consistently find wide receivers, it’s not just eyes. They look deeper and they find things. They look at traits.”

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