Inbox: It’s impossible not to notice him now –

Inbox: It's impossible not to notice him now -

Megan from Minnetonka, MN

Who else is ready to start the regular season?

You can’t see it, but I’m raising my hand.

Well Spoff, what could we have missed last night? PS: Can’t wait for that segment to come back. It is always enlightening.

It will come back soon enough, but I thought Jordan Love took another step. Yes, there were some throws he should have hit, but Romeo Doubs, Samori Toure and Amari Rodgers all had catchable balls for big plays that went away. Love didn’t hesitate and made some quality deliveries down the stretch. I also liked what the left side of the offensive line did on those nice runs by Tyler Goodson in the second quarter. Those cut routes have continued to widen, and that’s the best the Packers’ ground game has looked this summer.

I saw everything I needed to see from Jordan Love tonight. The Packers’ future at QB is bright. But I need to see more of special teams. How would you grade that? The future on special teams is… hazy? Stormy?

I do not draw conclusions. Bisaccia has work to do, but he will dive in with much joy. I claim he’s looking for the guys he can trust, and the ones he can’t, won’t be out there. I suspect that all the changing personnel – giving guys tryouts, in and of itself – led to the numbers issues.

Do you think any of the USFL guys have a solid chance to make the final 53? Micah Abernathy certainly seemed to make himself known during last night’s game. I’ll be curious to see if he can muster a few days from here.

Me too. He’s made some very athletic plays and if he can help on special teams, he’ll go from longshot to has-a-shot.

Watching the Saints game, as a whole knowledge, I felt the wheat and the chaff on the list start to separate. Do you think Gutey’s job got easier or harder last night?

I think it’s never easy, and the preseason games aren’t the best, ends. They do provide the clues as to who could be claimed, however, and that always counts in the final analysis.

John of Dakota Dunes, SD

Whatever Danny Etling does in his NFL career, he’ll be able to tell his grandkids about the night he ran 51 yards for a touchdown that Aaron Rodgers described as almost reaching 18½ miles per hour!

Those wheels were impressive. Even more heard from LaFleur after the game that he turned the play into a read option on his own. It takes some guts for a guy in his position, and he made it work tremendously.

Aaron had on a headset with a microphone during a game. Who is he communicating with?

I believe the offensive coaches up in the booth and others on the sideline. They are all on the same channel.

Tim from Grand Rapids, MI

Isaiah McDuffie is absolutely REAL! A man on a mission! Proud of him!

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a proverbial Year 1 to Year 2 jump this dramatic before from a player who isn’t a starter or in the regular scrum rotation. McDuffie was barely heard of as a rookie and now it’s impossible not to notice him.

Is Caleb Jones the first guy off the bus?

I don’t know, but he’s noticed for more than just his size. With that, the rest of this column is focused on pre-game thoughts and I promise to dive into more questions from the game in Monday’s column. Thank you for understanding.

Mark from Burnt Hill, New Brunswick

Hi Mike, (I used to be Mark from Regina) I thought I’d congratulate you on Kelsey’s pregame anthem hit. Obviously, I’m writing this a few hours before the event, but I’m doing it for a reason. My daughter, Caelegh, was asked to perform the Canadian national anthem for the Toronto Maple Leafs for a pre-season game a while back. I think, (know) I was more of a wreck than her, for days. She did great, I’m sure Kelsey will too!

Dad was definitely more nervous than daughter, but she nailed it and it made the memory of a lifetime for all of us. Thank you all for the well wishes and recognition. Please trust that everything has been read and appreciated.

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