Steelers Vs Jaguars Winners And Losers – Steelers Depot

Steelers Vs Jaguars Winners And Losers - Steelers Depot

Winners and losers from the Pittsburgh Steelers 16-15 win against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Saturday night’s preseason contest.


Kenny Pickett: It’s impossible to deny the job Pickett has done the last two weeks. With the Steelers’ offense looking lifeless for the first 29 minutes, Pickett ran the show to close out the half. In a ball situation almost identical to what you’d see in camp, with just over a minute on the clock and about 60 yards to the end zone, Pickett was excellent. He went 4/5 for 63 yards and a touchdown, his only incompletion a punt and he threw a touchdown to Diontae Johnson that was wiped out by a penalty. Pickett was at his best against the blitz and effectively attacked the middle of the field, standing tall against A and B gap pressure. He put points on the board. That was all Mike Tomlin needed to see and Pickett didn’t start the second half.

Terrell Edmunds: Edmunds didn’t necessarily make high-level plays but he was active at the line of scrimmage against the run. He finished the night with five tackles, four of them solo. If he can be solid against the run and not a liability in coverage, that’s a win for Pittsburgh.

Chase Claypool: Claypool primarily ran in the slot, reflecting what he did when healthy during the summer. That presents a challenge for DBs in this “big gap” world, especially vertically. Claypool found the ball on a split fade early in the game, leaping over the defender’s back to haul in the pass for a 29-yard gain. There are questions about his ability to run short option routes and make touchdown catches in traffic, but he could be a downfield weapon this season.

Pat Freiermuth: Freiermuth was his typical, confident self, nothing new there, but so what is new are his subfield captures. He finished the day with two catches for 35 yards, both in the two-minute drill, with one being a 24-yard completion. That would tie his long last summer. Freiermuth has been used in the middle of the field more often this summer and he should be able to raise his paltry yards-per-catch figure from his rookie season.

Mark Robinson: Solid game for Robinson whose run fits were solid and he stayed clean in the run game. He finished the game with a monster hit over the middle and didn’t look as uncomfortable in coverage as he did in his NFL debut last weekend. He plays with the mindset that all good Steelers linebackers have had.

Tyler Vaughns/Tyler Snead: Good hikes for the Tyler broads. Vaughns created space by selling vertical while Snead was an effective option out of the slot, catching the go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Both guys are fighting for a spot on the practice squad and helped their causes tonight.


Dan Moore & The Offensive Line: Mike Tomlin wanted to see how the Steelers’ o-line would respond against the Jags’ college pass rush. Pittsburgh’s front five were JV. Mitch Trubisky was under siege the entire first drive and things didn’t get much better throughout the day. Moore was the most visible weak link but there was no strong chain in this group. Again, Chukwuma Okorafor may have been the team’s best offensive lineman. More played deep in the third quarter, a sign of his struggles and coaches wanting to give him as many reps as possible. Starter Kendrick Green rotated with Kevin Dotson and played well in the fourth quarter. And if anyone asks John Leglue, his pressure resulted in Mason Rudolph’s intentional grounding safety.

Pittsburgh struggled with the Jags’ line stunts and twists. Run blocking was no better with linebackers free. James Daniels continues to struggle, too. It’s a good thing the Steelers have mobile quarterbacks. They will have to use their legs this year. A lot

Finding starters this year will be tough, but bank on Omar Khan and the pro scouts to add more online help before Week One.

Chris Boswell: Nitpicking here and this is no cause for concern. But Boswell hit the upright from 53 yards on his first attempt of the season while barely sneaking an extra point later in the game. Let’s just call it summer rust.

Anthony McFarland: Evaluating his game is difficult behind a miserable offensive line but the pecking order did not work in McFarland’s favor. He was the third running back in the game and didn’t see regular snaps until the second half, playing directly behind Benny Snell and Jaylen Warren. McFarland was used sparingly the last week of camp and odds are good that Warren passed on him. Warren offers more special teams value, is better in pass protection, and fits the profile of a power runner the team is attracted to.

QB Contains: Jacksonville has some mobile quarterbacks and they made plays with their feet. Pittsburgh’s rush has struggled to stuff things on the edges and up the middle. Starter Trevor Lawrence rushed the ball twice for 13 yards while CJ Beathard had a short rushing square early in the fourth quarter. Pittsburgh will see mobile quarterbacks all season long, especially in their division, so improvement will be key.

Very Norwood: While Norwood didn’t seem terrible tonight, he certainly didn’t build on his strong debut. Norwood missed multiple missed tackles in the pass game tonight and will likely feature quite a bit on Josh Carney’s missed report, an article you don’t want your name on. Norwood showed more physicality than his rookie season but he lacks size to hit. and falls to easy when he can’t come down and hit a runner directly.

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