NFL rumors: Seahawks very interested in Jimmy Garoppolo; 49ers want to prevent – NBC Sports

NFL rumors: Seahawks very interested in Jimmy Garoppolo;  49ers want to prevent - NBC Sports

The 49ers are officially quarterback Trey Lance’s team, but his predecessor Jimmy Garoppolo remains on the roster.

And that’s reportedly for good reason.

On Thursday, former NFL executive Mike Lombardi said of “The GM Shuffle” podcast, citing a source that Garoppolo’s current state of limbo with the 49ers is such that their NFC West rivals can’t to get his claws on him.

“I keep asking teams all the time, why don’t they just cut Jimmy G now? And the response I’ve gotten from multiple teams is, ‘They don’t want him to go to Seattle,'” Lombardi said (h/t 95.7 The Game). “I said, ‘Well how interested is Seattle in Jimmy G?’ And [one source] said: ‘Oh, they are very interested in him.’

“So for all the talk about Gene [Smith], for all the talk about Drew Lock, I think Seattle knows they’re going to get Jimmy G. And I think San Francisco knows he could go there. So they’re trying everything in their power to prevent that, and they have no takers.”

The 49ers have been trying to trade Garoppolo since their season ended in the NFC Championship game last season but to no avail. His March shoulder surgery derailed any deal talks early in the offseason, and no interested parties stepped forward to trade for him since the team’s desire was reiterated in late July.

It was originally thought the 49ers might release Garoppolo early and give the beleaguered quarterback a chance to find a new job elsewhere when no trade materialized.

But as that eventual release seems inevitable, so does the fact that doing so would make him readily available for the Seahawks to take — or sign.

In Seattle, Smith appears to be the front-runner over Lock to win the starting job under center. But even the least interested football fans can admit that Garoppolo is a clear upgrade over both.

By keeping Garoppolo on their roster as long as possible, the 49ers avoid him signing with another team — in this case, the Seahawks — with enough time to learn the playbook before Week 1.

And with their first matchup against Seattle set for Week 2 at Levi’s Stadium, the more time San Francisco can wait, the better.

The most obvious deadline between the 49ers and Garoppolo would be when the team must reduce its roster to 53 players on August 30th.

But this situation was anything but textbook until now.

San Francisco could keep Garoppolo on the 53-man roster and then cut him before rosters for the 9/11 season-opening lockout at 4 p.m. on Sept. 10 — an idea Lombardi says is true possibility

“So what I think is going to happen is the Friday before opening weekend, I think they’re going to cut Jimmy G,” Lombardi said. “I think then they’re going to cut him, and then he’s going to have to go do his contract and go up to Seattle and go there.

“But there is no interest in allowing Seattle to have even a week of preparation with Jimmy G to come in as their starting quarterback. But I believe, reliably reported to me, that Seattle is the team that wants him.”

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As coach Kyle Shanahan previously stated, Garoppolo’s current situation is a result of the 49ers also needing to do what’s best for the team. He also suggested the 49ers are open to “any” possibility with Garoppolo, including keeping him on the team.

Even though a trade partner hasn’t emerged, that doesn’t mean there aren’t teams that see the value in what the veteran quarterback can offer. Or, in this case, are at least “very interested”.

After all is said and done, it looks entirely possible that the 49ers Faithful haven’t come close to seeing the last of Garoppolo.

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