Highlights: Andy Ruiz Jr drops Luis Ortiz three times, wins decision – Left Hook

Highlights: Andy Ruiz Jr drops Luis Ortiz three times, wins decision - Left Hook

Andy Ruiz Jr rode three knockouts to a close decision victory over Luis Ortiz tonight, picking up his second straight win following his 2019 rematch loss to Anthony Joshua.

Ruiz won on scores of 113-112, 114-111, and 114-111. Taking three points from Ortiz due to knockouts, that would mean two judges had it even in rounds, 6-6, and one judge had Ortiz winning seven rounds to Ruiz’s five. Left Hook also won it 113-112 for Ruiz on our unofficial card.

It was a fight with bursts of action, mostly in the second round, where Ruiz scored two of his knockouts. It should be noted that the second was a questionable judgment call by referee Thomas Taylor, and if it hadn’t been counted, Ruiz would have still won, but by split decision, and the two cards his way would have been at a single point. . We’d probably talk a little more about controversy in that case.

But the 43-year-old Ortiz (33-3, 28 KO) never really put a real stamp on this fight either. Most rounds seemed to go however Andy Ruiz approached them. If he lay down too much, it was easy to score them for Ortiz, whose jabs could be said to carry rounds where, frankly, nothing much happened at all. And it wasn’t hard to find six or seven of those for the Cuban.

Ruiz (35-2, 22 KO) was facing a southpaw for the first time as a professional, and it definitely showed, including the former champion usually going around the “wrong” way, into Ortiz’s powerful hand. It never fully bit him, though, because Ortiz no longer has the legs to catch opponents by surprise other than timing them coming in, and Ruiz was able to take advantage of that, as well as use his own quickness and hand speed to jab. Ortiz quite often, which Ortiz couldn’t do much about because he’s just slow right now.

It wasn’t the all-star performance you’d want to see from Ruiz, but a lot of it was very smart, and he gets the job done. He wasn’t going to face many fighters like Ortiz, and he knew Ortiz was dangerous with his power and timing, too, if he gave him too many chances. We almost saw it late in round two when Ortiz did crack him, and Ruiz clearly felt it. The fight was never really the same from there, except for a good rush in round seven when Ruiz dropped Ortiz a third time.

“I thought I did a nice job boxing him out,” Ruiz said. “It was pretty tough, but the ability I have, my counterpunching and connecting and knocking him down, it was a blessing.”

Ruiz said he wants to be more active. “I don’t want to wait that long until I fight. I want to fight at least three or four times again. I’m ready, man, I’m hungry, I want to be champion again.”

Deontay Wilder, who returns on October 15 against Robert Helenius, and had about 20 percent of the total broadcast devoted to him tonight, was in attendance, and Ruiz said he would welcome that as a future fight as well: “Me and him . is in the same organization, Al Haymon can make this fight happen. Let’s do it, let’s get it.”

“Anyone who said ‘King Kong’ was old, I gave you a war today. I felt like I had a great fight tonight,” Ortiz said through an interpreter, adding that he would like a rematch. “Do you think I’m done? You saw a war here tonight. Do people think that ‘ Is King Kong over?”

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