Ryan Day Talks Importance of Reducing Penalties, Value of Mitch Rossi and Gee Scott Jr. and Preparation of f – Eleven Warriors

Ryan Day

Reducing penalties is a big point of emphasis for Ohio State as the third week of the 2022 season begins.

During his weekly appearance on 97.1 The Fan’s Buckeye Roundtable show on Monday, Day was asked multiple questions about the nine penalties the Buckeyes committed against Arkansas State and explained in his answers that he thinks it’s important for Ohio State to clean up those mistakes like this. so as not to be snake-bitten by them in more competitive games.

Day was particularly displeased with the penalties that were fully within Ohio State’s control, such as the unsportsmanlike conduct penalties assessed to Xavier Johnson and Taron Vincent and the four offside penalties against Buckeye defensive linemen.

“Any time you have a penalty that you can control, especially pre-snap, those are unwarranted,” Day said. “There are certain things that happen, playing hard, there will be penalties, but there are some that can be controlled, and those are the ones that have to do a better job.”

Day was also asked specifically about the jump over the penalty shield against Teradja Mitchell, which nullified an Emeka Egbuka punt return touchdown and gave the ball back to Arkansas State, and he said the Buckeyes will instruct their players not to try to jump over the shield again.

“We had to learn from that. We lost property there. And that’s something that, in a closer game, could be the difference between winning and losing. So that was a hard lesson to learn,” Day said. “And not only that, we returned that punt for a touchdown. There was a lot of work put into that to try to get back to turning the game around by returning a punt for a touchdown. That hasn’t happened here in a long time. So it’s all very discouraging, but we’ll have to learn from it . And the rule is you can’t jump in and land on the shield. So we’re definitely not going to jump again.”

In his first media interview of the week, Day also talked about the value that Mitch Rossi and Gee Scott Jr. provides as the second and third tight ends of the Buckeyes, Marvin Harrison Jr. three-touchdown game and the challenge Toledo could present to Ohio State on Saturday. A quick summary of everything Day had to say:

  • Day thinks it was good that Ohio State had more defensive plays against Arkansas State so they could get more players in the game and get them more play reps. “The more our children can feel comfortable in the new scheme, the better we will be moving forward.”

  • Day is happy the Buckeye have held their opponents to just one touchdown in six red zone trips this year. “If we play well on offense and we score touchdowns and they force field goals on defense, then those four points add up every time.”

  • Day said he thinks it’s important for the Buckeyes to keep defenses honest by running the ball effectively when defenses drop extra defenders into coverage to try to stop the pass.

  • A day about Gee Scott Jr. and Mitch Rossi: “Those guys can do all the different job descriptions that we need. And their versatility is what helps us attack the defense based on what we see.”

  • Day said he thought the game “slowed down” for Marvin Harrison Jr. from Week 1 to Week 2, allowing him to have his seven-catch, 184-yard, three-touchdown against Arkansas State.

  • “You can’t completely replace experience,” so he said it was important to get more young players and backups in the game against Arkansas State.

  • On Toledo: “This is a very good team. They definitely gave Notre Dame everything they could handle last year. So we have to do a great job of making sure we prepare just like any other week, and it’s the same message. The message is that it’s about us and we have to make sure we build every week and get stronger every week, but this is a good team.”

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