Micah Parsons isn’t the next Lawrence Taylor, but giants need to be wary – New York Post

Micah Parsons isn't the next Lawrence Taylor, but giants need to be wary - New York Post

The Lawrence Taylor comparisons that began when Micah Parsons was a rookie last season were understandably premature, and they still are. There’s always The Next LT … and there’s never The Next LT.

“I don’t know who the best defensive player is,” Lawrence Taylor told The Post, “but all I know is that I’m always on the last page, the last paragraph, the last sentence, when they say ‘The greatest. of all time.’ Until someone tells me different, I own it.”

This is not to say that The Micah Menace isn’t a bull rushing toward stardom. LT will be there to check on him Monday night at MetLife Stadium when Parsons tries to ruin another game and the Cowboys try to ruin the Giants’ 2-0 start.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll see what he’s got Monday night because I’ll be there,” LT said. “I didn’t analyze it. But I will on Monday.”

Imagine if Saquon Barkley could convince Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge to draft his former brother Penn State in 2021.

“I know Micah pretty well, we’ve got a good friendship going,” Barkley told The Post. “That’s like one of my brothers, to be honest. Lucky for him, he’s a heckuva player. Obviously someone we need to focus on this week.

Micah Parsons and Lawrence Taylor
Micah Parsons and Lawrence Taylor
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“Can’t let him ruin the game.

“We know how talented he is, one of the best players, if not the best player in the league right now.”

The Micah Menace … 17 sacks in his first 18 NFL games, the most by anyone through his first 18 games since sacks became official in 1982, one year after the Giants drafted LT … the most edge defender by Pro Football Focus (92.2) … four sacks in the first two weeks.

Against left tackle Andrew Thomas and right tackle Evan Neal and all the other hands that will have to be on deck, because The Micah Menace will line up anywhere and everywhere, and he’ll look to become the third player in NFL history to start the. season with three multi-sack games and the first with six multi-sack performances through his first 19 career games.

“Super crazy … he’s crazy athletic,” Barkley said. “There’s nothing he can’t do at that position – he can cover, he can rush, he can play inside the box, he can play outside the box. He is a special talent, and he is rare. You don’t see many guys like him. But at the same time, as a competitor you look forward to going against a guy like that.”

Brian Daboll was asked about Parsons, and his answer was exactly how Tom Landry and Joe Gibbs and Buddy Ryan answered questions about LT.

“He’s a problem,” Daboll said. “He’s a dynamic football player. He can play multiple spots, he does. You see him at linebacker, you see him at defensive end. He’s got rare pass ability, and we’re going to have a good plan for him. He’s fun to watch when you’re not ready play him. … We obviously have to know where he is.”

Neal is a rookie, but he’s not afraid of anyone.

“What you see with him is obvious, he’s a great athlete, an elusive runner … the guy runs 4.3. So I’m going to have to do a good job against him,” Neal said.

The Micah Menace calls for all hands on deck.

“They use him everywhere — he’s a Swiss Army knife with his defense, they use him a lot of different ways,” Neal said.

Micah Parsons sacks Joe Burrow during the Cowboys' 20-17 Week 2 win over the Bengals.
Micah Parsons sacks Joe Burrow during the Cowboys’ 20-17 Week 2 win over the Bengals.

There is growing optimism that OLB Kayvon Thibodeaux (sprained knee) will make his debut against the Cowboys. The Giants can only hope that their first-round OLB can impact games like the Cowboys’ OLB has so far. Thibodeaux is not unaware of the havoc Padres has caused. “It’s greatness from now on,” he said. “He’s on a roll.”

There is no better student of the game than Davis Webb. Asked if he sees any comparisons to LT, Webb said: “Micah Parsons is off to a pretty good start in his career. If he keeps it up, I think that’s the beauty of this sport as well, you can compare old greats to new greats , and there are always conversations for that.”

Until further notice, only one Lawrence Taylor.

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