Mayweather vs. Asakura Results: Live updates of the undercard and main event – MMA Fighting

Mayweather vs.  Asakura Results: Live updates of the undercard and main event - MMA Fighting

MMA Fighting has Mayweather vs. Asakura results live for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Mikuru Asakura fight card at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan, on Saturday night.

When the main event begins, around 1 a.m. ET, watch our Mayweather vs Asakura live round updates for our live blog of the main event.

Check out the Mayweather vs. Asakura undercard live blog below for the FITE TV pay-per-view, which will begin at 11 a.m. ET.

All three of these fights will be part of the Super Rizin event that will precede Rizin 38, which will feature seven MMA fights and is headlined by a bantamweight contest between Kyoji Horiguchi and Kintaro.

Live coverage starts soon.

Kouzi vs. Jizzy Mack

* This will be a boxing exhibition

Round 1: Kouzi throwing the jab out as he circles the bigger Jizzy. He sneaks a jab through, not much offense from Jizzy so far. They clinch as soon as the distance closes. Jizzy looking to throw a power shot, but he hasn’t touched Kouzi so far. Neither fighter did much damage. Kouzi connects with the left. Jizzy breathes on his right hand. He comes forward and throws a couple of wild punches. Right uppercut looks at Kouzi. Kouzi scores with a quick 1-2.

Round 2: Kouzi with a jab, Jizzy actually connects with a right. Another big right from Jizzy and Kouzi goes to a knee, but the referee calls it a slip and not a knockout. interesting Kouzi lands a left hand and Jizzy seems to complain about something. Left hook by Kouzi, Jizzy throwing his right hand with no setup. Another one left for Kouzi. He pushes the pace. Kouzi goes to the body. Kouzi’s right hand. Jizzy’s gas tank doesn’t look great. Right hand scores for Kouzi. Jizzy is just trying to clinch to buy time. Big flurry from Kouzi to end the round.

Round 3: Another left lands for Kouzi to open the round, he follows up with another good punch and there’s the knockout. Jizzy is up but he looks exhausted. Kouzi’s body shot. Jizzy just turns away from Kouzi when Kouzi continues to connect. Huge left from Kouzi, Jizzy is dizzy, Kouzi follows and Jizzy falls face-first to the mat. Umpire waves this one, not seeing much of a complaint from the Jizzy side.

Official result: Kouzi def. Jizzy Mack by TKO – Round 3

Nadaka Yoshinari vs. Bandasak So Trakunpet

* This will be a kickboxing contest with elbows allowed

Round 1: Yoshinari sounding with low plods. He rifles in his left hand to the body. Front kick to the body hurts Trakunpet and Yoshinari charges in. It looks like Trakunpet has recovered and he lands a counterpunishment. Yoshinari with a knee to the body. Right hand from Yoshinari as he circles away. Yoshinari wins an exchange of body kicks. High elbow lands for Yoshinari. Yoshinari to the body, then another elbow up. Right hand drops Trakunpet, but he answers the count. Yoshinari starts to ride on Trakunpet after the action resumes and there is no response from Trakunpet as he leans against the ropes. The referee has seen enough, this one is over.

Official result: Nadaka Yoshinari def. Bandasak So Trakunpet by TKO – Round 1

Miura City vs. Bunchuai Phonsungnoen

* This will be an MMA contest

Round 1: Touch of gloves and off we go. Bunchuai catches Miura with a quick right counter. Miura in for the takedown, then he just pulls guard. Bunchuai throws an elbow from top position. It’s Miura with an armbar attempt, but Bunchuai slips out quickly and lets Miura up. Body lock by Miura, Bunchuai defending against the ropes. Miura gets a trip and goes right to mount. Flashing a quick armbar and Bunchuai must tap!

Official result: Kota Miura def. Bunchuai Phonsungnoen by submission (armbar) – Round 1

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