100-win, 100-loss teams pile up as disparity between MLB teams grows – CBS Sports

100-win, 100-loss teams pile up as disparity between MLB teams grows - CBS Sports

It could be recalled in March, when there were negotiations between the players and owners about ending the lockout, that one of the biggest concerns of the players was the number of teams participating in extreme tanking. That is, basically punting the season before it starts, hoping to lose as many games as possible to get a better draft pick while stripping payroll for several reasons.

The extreme loss obviously gives way to an extreme gain, as simple logic and mathematics would dictate.

The trend is more evident here than anywhere else in the game. It used to be unusual to see so many teams reach 100 wins or 100 losses in a season. Even as recently as 2016, the Cubs scored 103 and the twins lost 103 and that’s it. In 2015, the Cardinals won exactly 100 and no team lost 100. In 2014, no teams hit triple digits in wins or losses.

Those three years were the last gasp before an influx of 100-game winners and 100-game losers.

Years with 100-win teams

2022: 4 (Astros, Dodgers, Mets, and Braves)
2021: 3
2019: 4
2018: 3
2017: 3
2003: 3
2002: 3
1998: 3
1977: 3
1942: 3

Note that 2022 was one Yankee victory away from setting the record. It is still tied with only one other season and that season happened very recently.

It is actually even more extreme than this.

Only three teams have ever won more games than this year’s Dodgers at 111: The 2001 sailors and 1906 Cubs each won 116 during the 1998 yankees scored 114.

Before 2019, we only had one season with multiple 106-plus-win teams (1998 with the Yankees and 106-win. Braves). Then, in 2019, the Dodgers scored 106 and Astros won 107. And last year, the Giants won 107 and Dodgers won 106. Of the 24 teams we’ve ever seen with more than 105 wins, six — 1/4, or 25 percent — happened in the last five full seasons.

Years with 100-loss teams

2022: 4 (Athletics, Nationals, Red and Pirates)
2021: 4
2019: 4
2018: 3
2002: 4
1985: 3
1965: 3
1964: 3
1962: 3
1961: 3
1954: 3
1912: 3
1908: 3

There are only 24 recorded seasons where a team has lost at least 110 games and four of those have come in the last four full seasons. Two happened last year, but luckily our worst team this year lost “only” 107. Of course, out of all the seasons we’ve ever seen, only 36 teams have ever lost more games in a season than these 2022. Washington Nationals.

Hopefully the changes in collective bargaining have their intended effect and only take a few years to take effect. While the extreme winning is actually pretty fun, it comes at the expense of extreme losing and seeing 3-4 teams lose over 100 games — sometimes a lot more — every year is bad for the game.

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