Ron Rivera hotly denies Carson Wentz trade move from Dan Snyder – ESPN

Ron Rivera hotly denies Carson Wentz trade move from Dan Snyder - ESPN

CHICAGO – Washington Commanders coach Ron Rivera strongly defended his role in acquiring a quarterback Carson Wentzthen ended his news conference by walking from the podium.

“Sorry, I’m done,” Rivera said as he headed for the exit door after Washington’s 12-7 win over the Chicago Bears on Thursday.

Rivera was fired up during much of his press conference, upset about certain penalties or what he called undisciplined play. He was also vigilant about what his players have been through the past four games – all losses. But he saved his most exciting comments for Wentz.

In an ESPN story Thursday, it was reported that owner Dan Snyder was the one who wanted Wentz. Washington traded for Wentz this past winter.

Rivera strongly denied that the owner demanded that they trade for Wentz. Rivera compiled a list of analysts who pointed to Wentz’s effectiveness and had him on a list of wanted quarterbacks to possibly get going into the offseason. He said they learned Wentz was available during the scouting combine in Indianapolis last winter. The report also came out two days after Rivera answered “quarterback” when asked the difference between his rebuilding team and the other three in the NFC East. Rivera later said he meant those teams had quarterbacks who had been with their teams longer.

“Everybody keeps saying I didn’t want anything to do with Carson, well bulls—,” Rivera said. “I’m the f— guy that pulled out the sheets of paper, looked at the analytics, looked at the tape when we were in Indianapolis, okay? And that’s what makes me angry, because the young man doesn’t deserve to have that all the time. “

He then ended the news conference.

Wentz later said he was unaware of the ESPN story, but, he said, he appreciated Rivera’s passion.

“Coach Rivera, he’s awesome,” Wentz said. “I have a lot of respect for him, playing in this league for a while from afar, and playing for him is even better. He speaks his mind and he’s going to be straight and to the point and in this business. That means a lot. Guys love that about him and he will be direct and very motivating. Guys respond to him very well. I thank him.”

For Rivera, it was another time where he had to answer questions about off-field stories. The ESPN article detailed owners disdain for Snyder.

“I try to pass all the stuff that’s out there as far as noise,” Rivera said. “What I focus on is the development of this team. I don’t want to talk about something that I can’t control. I have no input, I have nothing to do with what I want to do is everything. in that room. And that I just wish we could stay focused. It’s tough, it’s tough, but for whatever reason, we’re going to stick to what’s interesting and that’s playing football.”

Rivera is rarely as animated in news conferences as he was Thursday, gesturing occasionally to the locker room to emphasize his players.

“I’ll speak my mind in a minute,” he said. “For the last two weeks, honestly it’s been tough, it really is, you lose four games in a row and everybody just wants to attack you. And they played their asses, they really have, they play their asses. away for everybody. They come out and show up , they work hard, okay? They don’t complain, okay? They hear all the stuff and they have to deal with it. I get that and I respect them for it. because they’re resilient and they come back.”

Rivera also received the game ball from his players after winning for the first time in Chicago as a coach. He played for the Bruins from 1984 to 1992 and talked about how that shaped his coaching career. He said he received well wishes via texts and emails from former teammates before the game.

“We all know what this place means to coach Rivera,” Washington quarterback Terry McLaurin said “A lot of the reason he’s the way he is today as a coach is because of his time spent here as a player, the connections he’s made. To come back and get a win in tough circumstances was big for our whole team.”

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