Australian supermarket trolley escalator detail shocks expats

Australian supermarket trolley escalator detail shocks expats

Impassioned TikTok users from Australia and the USA have entered a heated debate over which country does this specific supermarket trolley detail better.

While Aussies and Americans usually enjoy an amiable relationship, a very specific trolley detail has incited a passionate debate between the two nations online.

Brisbane indie pop band Sheppard, who are currently in the states, inadvertently started the brawl after posting a video showing the interesting way US supermarkets help customers take their trolleys onto escalators.

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Instead of being able to simply push your trolley onto a flat escalator and have it lock in place – which is the norm in Australia – the US store has two separate escalators: one for people, and one for trolleys.

“This is something we don’t have in Australia” the TikTok user said in the video.

“This is their solution for getting the shopping cart up the escalator.”

Australian commenters appeared baffled by the set-up, with one asking “Why would you add a whole nother escalator when you can just have one grooved one?”

“I prefer the Australian flat escalators.” another said.

While some Aussies didn’t like the idea, other were more open to it.

“That’s so cool! We should start putting these in Aussie shopping centers” one suggested.

“OK someone needs to bring these here” another said.

A few hours later, the band’s TikTok page posted a follow up video showingcasing the escalators commonly used in Australia.

“We actually do have something similar in Australia, except better” the woman in the video said.

The TikTok, titled ‘Which is better? Aus or USA escalators?’ attracted a plethora of comments from people arguing their sides of the debate.

“When I left the trolley like that, it started rolling downwards and almost took the people out at the bottom” one TikTok user said.

“My heart was racing.”

“It’s not better. It’s substantially worse and takes an extra hour to get up and down.” another argued.

The safety locking feature on trolleys has been used in Australia for many years to prevent accidents and injuries. The running discs in the wheels slot into the grooves on the travelator surface that activate two external braking shoes to ensure the trolley stops securely.


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