Brainteaser boggles people’s minds as they search for right fox

Brainteaser boggles people’s minds as they search for right fox

People are struggling to find a blue-eyed fox hidden in a sea of ​​foxes with brown eyes, with the record being 25 seconds.

Brainteaser lovers have been left frustrated as they struggle to spot the blue-eyed fox in record time.

Hidden in the photo of dozens of little brown-eyed foxes is one that stands out among the crowd.

Many are struggling to find the solo blue-eye fox in record time, which is 25 seconds.

creators of the puzzle, Book An Eye Test based in the UK, said it takes many people an average of one minute and 13 seconds to find the hidden fox.

Scroll down to see if you got the right answer!

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Many brainteasers and optical illusions are making the rounds online.

Earlier this week, an optical illusion with a “secret” message hidden inside a square made up entirely of dots freaked out of the internet because it “disappears” once you see it.

The optical illusion was posted on TikTok by user @HecticNick, who challenged people to identify what the hidden message says.

The image showed hundreds of black dots, varying in size, on a white background.

For those that couldn’t crack it, the message inside the optical illusion says: “The more you look, the less you see.”

Try looking back at the image now you know the solution.

Optical illusions are proving popular online at the moment, with countless videos of brain teasers going viral in recent weeks.

TikTok creator @pasillusion challenged his followers to find the second animal in a picture of a dolphin snapping up a fish.

“Only 1 per cent of people can find the second animal in this image,” he claimed.

But the visual jigsaw stumped puzzlers on social media with many mistakenly thinking the fish in the dolphin’s mouth was the second animal.

Can you figure it out?

After stumping many, it was revealed that people had to flip the image upside down in order to see a flock of birds taking to the sky.

A different optical illusion shared @pasillusion also caused a stir recently after the content creator claimed there was a “secret image” hidden in an optical illusion – but didn’t reveal what it was.

The image shows a bubblegum pink square with a darker pink circle inside, that was captioned: “Can YOU See The Hidden Image?! Let me know.”

There was a variety of answers in the comments of what people claimed to see – or not see.

Some claimed to see a number of objects – a bed, a smile and even a boat.

But the majority people who reported seeing an image in the circle said they could make out the shape of a bottle.

What do you see? Let us know in the comments below.


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