Casey Donovan Drops Statement After Being Accused Of Stealing A Dog

Casey Donovan Drops Statement After Being Accused Of Stealing A Dog

Aussie muso Casey Donovan has issued a statement on Facebook after being accused of dognapping a puppy.

CCTV footage appeared to show Donovan and her friend Drew emerging from a Brisbane apartment on Sunday night.

The puppy, named Donatello, ran up to the pair and they picked up the dog and left the apartment building.

After footage was shared to social media and Donovan started receiving backlash, she released a statement on Facebook.

“In light of what has been reported this evening in the media, I have the following statement to make,” she began.

“On Sunday night after performing in the show in Brisbane, myself and a group of work colleagues went for a drink, thereafter I accompanied my friend Drew to a friend of her’s place.

“Whilst I was in the bathroom doing an exit wee, I could hear commotion outside and the friend came and asked me to come out and settle Drew down, who was clearly very upset as she had witness a small dog yelping having been thrown across the room by a flatmate.”

She added, “I told Drew we need to leave, meanwhile I was physically being pushed out of the apartment by this friend. Drew returned to collect her glasses whilst I waited in the doorway and when we walked down the hallway we saw the dog near the lifts, not knowing how it got there.”

“Drew, still being very upset about what had happened and with great concern for the dog’s welfare, decided to take the dog home so the people who were in the apartment that were heavily intoxicated could sober up and be more responsible with the poor dog, ” she continued.

“I didn’t witness the dog being thrown and I have never met these people before. I standby Drew’s account of what happened, and I certainly do not condone any type of cruelty or abuse towards an animal whatsoever and am appalled and in shock.”

She went on to say that Drew “had all intentions of returning the dog provided the housemate was no longer there, which was confirmed today via message to Drew, that the housemate was told to leave.”

Donovan added that she agrees that “Drew should have not taken the dog and should have advised the friend immediately that she had, not the next morning, and I can confirm 100% there was no conspiracy, plan or discussion about stealing the dog.”

She said Drew had “reported the incident to officials for further follow up.”

She concluded, “No animal should be in harm’s way or treated poorly. I have two adorable cats and a dog at my parent’s place and am a huge animal welfare advocate.”

Casey Donovan rose to fame on Australian Idol and has since starred in a variety of stage productions and reality shows.


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