Daisy Pearce and Gerard Whateley’s top 5 most intriguing teams for Round 15

Daisy Pearce and Gerard Whateley’s top 5 most intriguing teams for Round 15

Daisy Pearce and Gerard Whateley have listed their top five most intriguing teams for Round 15.

It shapes as the biggest weekend of footy this season headline by four top eight clashes.

“I don’t think there’s a single game that won’t drag me in,” Pearce told SEN’s Whateley

“I’ve probably overlooked a couple that will be absolutely ripping games.

“It’s more just the teams that have drawn me in.”

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Daisy Pearce’s top 5 most intriguing teams

5. St Kilda

“There are a few things that St Kilda haven’t absolutely got right, but one thing you can trust is they’re hard to play against.

“It was hard not to think that they didn’t tick that box against Essendon, which was kind of hard to explain given the significance of the round with Spud’s Match.

“They’ve got a very difficult draw in the back end of the season.

“They’re going to have to win a few like this (against Sydney) if they’re going to make finals.”

4. Western Bulldogs

“Obviously they have to keep winning.

“They’ve got the fifth best percentage in the competition, so they’re doing plenty right and they can shake up the finals should they keep winning.

“If they hit their straps, I just think it adds to the fascination of the season because they’re a quality football side that’s underperformed to this point.”

3. Collingwood

“It’s hard to look past Collingwood.

“Their last month has been incredible. They’ve got one of the best win-loss records against top eight sides in the competition and they’ve got a great run home – they only play three top 10 sides let alone top eight sides.

“It’s all set in terms of on-field, but they’ve had this week from hell.”

2. Geelong

“I just think Geelong is ticking away in the background.

“If they can stay healthy and keep fine tuning things in addition to their experience, I think they can be a major player in the back half of the year.

“It’s a great test this weekend against Richmond.”

1. Melbourne

“I always like watching the Dees, but I’m fascinated this weekend.

“The outside narrative only three weeks ago was that they might run the table, and now they’re trying to avoid a four-game losing streak.

“That in itself is a fascination.”

Gerard Whateley’s top 5 most intriguing teams

5. North Melbourne

“You can’t have a one-win season, you just can’t.

“Hobart against the Crows … they’re honest and they’re tough, but there just has to be a win for North Melbourne come Sunday.”

4. St Kilda

“I agree with you on St Kilda and everything you said.

“It wasn’t them last week, so I’m prepared to treat that as an aberration.”

3. Richmond

“I’ve gone the other way on the Saturday game, I’ve gone Richmond.

“Are they slugging away in the bottom part of the eight, or are they making a run at adding to the dynasty?”

2. Gold Coast

Are they ready for it?

“Are they ready to march into Adelaide and confront Port, who are limited but honest?

“There’s a lot that they’ve done right, are they mature enough for this?

“I’m intrigued to find out.”

1. Melbourne

“I think Melbourne are clearly the most intriguing team.

“A month ago, they were the shortest price early-season favorite that we had ever seen.

“If they can’t beat Brisbane at the MCG tonight in the top-of-the-table clash, they can’t be premiership favorites anymore.

“I fully expect them to bounce back to the footy. We know they’re capable of, but I’m intrigued to see if they do it.”


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