Fall Guys adds new rounds, Season Pass with Xbox, Switch availability

Fall Guys adds new rounds, Season Pass with Xbox, Switch availability


Fall Guys has added several new game rounds alongside a season pass to celebrate new availability on platforms like Xbox and Switch.

The title offers cross-play and cross-progression between different versions of the title — you’ll just need to ensure you’ve got your Epic Games Account linked wherever you play.

“Everyone at Mediatonic is so excited to invite more players into the Blundome than ever before with Fall Guys going free and new platforms like Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and the Epic Games Store launching,” said Mediatonic’s Paul Croft.

“We couldn’t have done this without the support of our incredible community and everything we’ve built together since 2020,” Croft continued. “The team has an amazing roadmap of new features and content lined up, and we can’t wait to share it with new and old players throughout this and future Fall Guys seasons.”

Here’s an idea of ​​what to expect from the new and improved Fall Guys.

Fall Guys new rounds

New rounds include the following:

  • Hex-a-Ring: You’ve heard of Hex-a-Gone, but have you ever tried jumping from tile to tile while the whole floor rotates?!? Now THAT sounds like a challenge…
  • Volleyfall: Volleyball? No. VolleyFALL. This round asks, who can knock the ball into the other side of the court without the other players hitting it back into yours? Whoever gets the ball to touch the floor of the other player, wins!
  • Speed ​​Circuit: Go go speed fallers! Navigate through the obstacles in your way and run three laps around the circuit without being flung into the misty slime.

Fall Guys new obstacles

  • Blastball: Tick tock… Grab a ball but throw it quick! Blast Balls are activated when you pick them up, you have a few seconds to throw them before they… well… blast. They’re all the rave, Blast Balls are really bound to cause a bang!
  • Jump Rope: Spinning and bumping Fall Guys into new realms, the Jump Rope obstacle is made to make you jump, hop and fly around the Bluunderdome! Psssst, don’t tell anyone but apparently you can use jump ropes to propel yourself towards the finish line…
  • Bouncy Floors: We all love bouncy castles, but what’s it like to traverse the Blundome on one? This new and curious material makes the floor VERY bouncy, one jump and you’re going flying! The bouncy floor can be your friend, or your foe…

Fall Guys Season Pass

Fall Guys will also offer up a new, paid Season Pass with 100 levels of “Costume, Emote and Celebration unlocks – plus more,” developer Mediatonic confirmed.

“And if you max out your Season Pass for Season Free for All, you can unlock next season’s Season Pass too,” the dev added.

A free Season Pass will also offer up some additional unlockables. More on currency changes and the Fall Guys economy can be found here.

Fall Guys is available on PS4 and PS5; it heads to Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Windows PC via Epic Games Store from 21 June.

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