McDonald’s in Poland sells ‘sharing fries’, menu item Australians ‘need’

McDonald’s in Poland sells ‘sharing fries’, menu item Australians ‘need’

A man traveling in Poland has discovered a Macca’s menu item that was previously axed in Australia – with Aussies arguing we “need” it back.

A British traveler has uncovered “the biggest portion of McDonald’s fries in the world” – and now fast-food lovers are desperate for it to launch globally.

Michael Jamieson, who regularly shares food reviews on TikTok, is currently on holiday in Poland where he paid a visit to the famous golden arches.

While he was there, he stumbled across a larger-than-average portion of the cult hot chips called “sharing fries” – and shared his discovery with his followers.

Posting a video of the huge carton of the Macca’s fries, he held the giant red cardboard container up to the camera.

“McDonald’s fries biggest portion EVER!” Michael captioned the clip, which has been viewed 1.5 million time since it was shared last week.

In his video, Michael can be seen outside the fast food restaurant, holding the giant carton of chips in his hand – showing just how large it is.

“I’m in Poland at the moment. And I think this may be the biggest portion of McDonald’s fries in the world. This is just their medium as well,” he said.

“No, I’m kidding. It’s actually a new portion size for them called ‘sharing’ size. Just look at it. It’s wonderful. Wow.”

The giant serving of fries was a hit with TikTok users, prompting many to call on their own country to start offering it – including eager Aussies.

“They had this in Australia over a year ago. Got rid of it later. Time to bring it back,” one said.

“Had this in Australia years ago, please bring it back,” another wrote.

As some said: “We need this in Australia.”

The ‘sharing’ sized fries have previously been sold in Australia as part of the chain’s “Dinner Bundles” and the Chicken McNugget share packs.

However a spokesperson told there was no plan to “bring it back” or sell the larger fries serving on its own.

Others joked they wouldn’t be able to share the item, despite the fact it’s designed to be divided with others.

“Sharing… yeah not gonna happen!” one wrote.

“I’ll be sharing this with me, myself and I,” another commented.

As one woman wrote: “My toxic trait is that I would absolutely not share.”

Many declared Poland’s new “sharing fries” were enough to make them want to travel to the country, tagging friends to say: “Let’s go.”


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