Release date and everything we know so far

Despite the fact that League of Legends Season 12 is halfway over, Riot is maintaining the enthusiasm with a lot of brand new content and balance adjustments. We are pretty sure that the upcoming 12.13 patch will be as exciting.

Like with the 12.12 patchwe can anticipate a number of new features and items in the game, and the upgrades should further balance the gameplay as a whole.

The durability systems in the game will undergo significant modifications with the upcoming launch of Update 12.13. To keep gamers interested, Riot Games has been making continual changes and improvements to the game.

Below you will learn everything we currently know about the upcoming League of Legends Update 12.13 Patch Notes as information is currently limited.

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League of Legends 12.13 Patch Notes Release Date

According to Riot Games’ support page, the 12.13 patch notes will be available on Wednesday 13th July 2022.

League of Legends

League of Legends 12.13 Patch Notes

We don’t have the patch notes yet, but as soon as they have been made available we will update this page when we have the official notes.

While we wait for the 12.13 patch notes, have a look at all the previous patch notes that have been released in League of Legends.

Also, In a brand-new gameplay teaser, Riot Games unveiled Nilah, their newest League of Legends champion. The well-known MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena, is well-known for its constantly expanding roster of champions, or playable characters. There are currently more than 150 champions available, with one being produced roughly every two months.

Earlier this week, Riot has confirmed that the Gangplank improvements for League of Legends will be made available in Patch 12.13, so we are looking forward to that and more updates that patch 12.13 will come with. Riot has been talking about changing Gangplank for a while. They’ve finally admitted that they’re developing some modifications.

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