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The Element Diffuser Lets You Control The Smells In Your Home From Your Phone

We all want our home to smell nice but up until now, this meant you have to be there, setting up your candles or oil diffusers. But now with this product from Scent Australia, we have the Element Diffuser which you can control by the Scent App on your phone giving you ultimate control over how your home smells anywhere, any time – all in the palm of your hand!

This diffuser is pretty high tech and the app allows you to schedule time frames for when your diffuser is on and yes – you can even control the fragrance strength.

Once you switch on the Element Diffuser in your lounge room you can then control it during the day. If you happen to be having guests or friends over that night, you’ll know your home is in shape for their arrival. As well, when you run out of oil, you can order diffuser oil refills directly via the app.

And when you buy it, you get a pack of luxury diffuser oils from Scent Australia’s scent library.

Romance can be literally in the air

The Element Diffuse is encased in a white, ceramic structure and comes with a Romantic Scent Pack and together, these are the perfect match-making duo. Using the Scent App, you can turn on your Element Diffuser from your phone via Bluetooth from approximately 10 meters away.

Then you can set the timing intervals and let the romance diffuse into the party. Pick from one of five indulgent oils in the Romantic Scent Pack to use, with each scent is designed to be ‘an ode to the uplifting charm of a lover’s affection’.

You can set the time for the Element Diffuser to diffuse scent into your home via the Scent App from Scent Australia.

Prepare for work the next day.

The next day you can change the oil in your Element Diffuser to one of five oils from the Energizer Scent Pack. These are more energizing and you’ll be ready to smash it at work the next day.

The Element Diffuser is a powerful ceramic diffuser which has been crafted with interior design in mind. As it releases fragrance into the atmosphere, it has no need for heat or water. The elevated product also helps to purify its surroundings, creating a sense of well-being and tranquility within any space.

Scent Australia’s Managing Director, Andrew O’Keefe says: “We wanted to design a product that would create that ‘at home’ feeling, something different than using plastic or metal, something more comforting. Encased in a beautiful white ceramic structure that oozes warmth and relaxation, we are thrilled to release the Element Diffuser.”

For more information on where to get an Element Diffuser, visit Scent Australia here.

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