This 2-inch thin PS5 redesign is the best mod I've seen yet

This 2-inch thin PS5 redesign is the best mod I’ve seen yet

Sony always has a plan to develop its main console line, whether it’s been PlayStation to PSOne or PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 4 Pro. However, it appears the global pandemic has slowed down Sony’s ability and need to develop PlayStation 5 beyond the main console. But one YouTuber has taken things into their own hands and made a PS5 Slim, and it’s a slick-looking slab of gaming tech.

While this is a homemade redesign of the PS5, there have been plenty of stories that Sony is actively looking to make changes to its latest console. For the moment, this PS5 Slim is the best mod I’ve seen. Maybe it’s the copper and brass finish but I can’t help but want one.

Just look at that copper and brass finish! (Image credit: DIY Perks)

YouTuber DIY Perks (opens in new tab) makes a lot of weird and wonderful tech, including an ‘invisible PC’ which needs to be seen to be believed (ahem). In fact, he was also behind a wooden PS5 that caught our attention last year. However, his work on creating a PlayStation 5 that’s less than two-inches thin from brass and copper is a real thing of beauty. Watch the full video below to see how this talented DIY gamer managed to reassemble a PS5 into a slim metal case.

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