Watch Prodrive's P25 Impreza Restomod Fly Up the Hill at Goodwood

Watch Prodrive’s P25 Impreza Restomod Fly Up the Hill at Goodwood

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On Monday Prodrive revealed the P25, a reimagined Subaru Impreza with a carbon body making 400 hp thanks to a modernized drivetrain. Like Singer with its reimagined 911s, it’s a take on what the 22B might be like with today’s tech. Now, we get to see it in action for the first time.

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Prodrive brought the first running P25 to the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​on Thursday to see just how quickly the restomod Subaru could fly up the event’s hill climb course. Because the Nineties coupe weighs under 2650 pounds, it’s able to take corners and carry speed like a modern sports car. Sending power to all four wheels is a six-speed sequential transmission and limited-slip differentials on both ends. There’s also anti-lag and launch control to get the best start possible.

Only 25 examples of the P25 will ever exist, according to Prodrive. They’ll be priced from $560,000 each which, even by overdone, every-detail-matters restomods go, is pretty expensive. For that price, you can buy roughly two real, actual 22Bs. But we have a feeling Prodrive will still sell every single one.

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